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The Cisco Aironet Developer Platform (ADP) enables developers to quickly prototype applications based on standard off-the-shelf development platforms. This platform is currently supported on the Cisco Aironet 3800 series access points.

Erick Saldana mentioned, "We are upgrading from the Cisco Aironet 2700 series to the 2800 series. We've currently implemented it in one office. So far the ones we have replaced have had a few issues. For some reason even after setting a static IP they sometimes fall back to dhcp (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Would be great if they were waterproof for outdoor use."


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Sales and Engineering (Former Employee) says

"Horrible integrity. Only the liars succeed. Contact Center is the worst pace to work. Products do not work, software development team is SLOW and SLOPPYNothingFake people"

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended. Stressful work culture. Management is bad. No Team work. Working over the weekends. No work life balance. Not a good pay master. No perks."

Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"Started off great and was then turned into a sales role for which none of us where informed nor prepared for. Absolutely scandalous, all on differenr salaries depending on who the management likedE"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"The working environment was toxic. Peers competed in negative ways. In one instance a peer simply overrode tasks assigned by manager, leaving the original owner without work. Another instance a peer restructured requirements only to revert it later and say they created it."

TelePresence Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Like crabs in a bucket. Pay is low, for a lot of expectations that are under-appreciated. No overtime or paid holidays. 40 hour forced furlough with no pay. Hours are graveyard shift"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"Working as a security officer for this company is a nightmare. Management is inconsistent and unfair. They promote based on favoritism, not with regard to work performance and effort.NoneEverything"

Deal manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst recruitment team. Managers doesn't have any decision making skills. Pls. Consider other company if you're seriously looking for career. Unprofessional behaviour from manager & hr."

Software Test Engineer (Former Employee) says

"World management, non-technical and all politics here. No free lunch, no beer, no party. Working workplace. Not recommended to work here. If by mistake you get hired, just get out from here in 6 months. Juniper Networks, you can learn something. But Cisco India is a bulky company, that's all. No much quality work here.No work, you can idle here and enjoyWorst management and worst leadership skills"

Architect Sr Engineer Technical Lead (Current Employee) says

"People dont leave companies , they leave managers ! So true in case of so many managers I know in cisco . Within the last 2 years , I saw 5 people (including 2 ladies) either moving out or refusing to move in under my particular manager . I was probably more thick skinned so I overstayed by 1 year . So much of micromanagement , lack of direction and grit and petty politics that it became suffocating . This guy was so self non-confident and poor communicator that it was very hard to discuss or resolve issues with him . Probably that explained his insecurity also since he never liked people even casually talking to his manager or other superiors . the work culture is very demotivating , late nights , early mornings , weekend calls and no acknowledgement or appreciation for all that . Cisco Engineering is probably one of the special orgs which has got sooooo maaaaany Project Managers and still almost all of the projects are mostly yellow or red in reality . As a matter of fact they are mostly painted green to management and leadership in manual PPTs or XLSs . It is also one of the rare orgs where people have been overstaying for 10+ , 15+ and even 20+ years mostly because of political contacts and scratching each others' backs .some good people and lot of potential as a market leader in terms of worklots of poor managers and incompetent overstaying letharges"

Senior software engineer to develop (Former Employee) says

"- Hired instructor outside to teach on QNX Neutrino Embedded System - Great lab & facilities to work with - Provide JTAG facilities for TCP/IP network debugging - Grete team workProvide ping pong tables for exercisesGroup re-organized very frequestly in every 6 months"


"It was an stressful nightmare that I though would kill me from a heartache or stroke. I only stayed because of the high salary and great benefits (I am the sole provider for my family)."

DevOps Engineer Contract (Former Employee) says

"Worked on a contract only to be laid off 5 months later. Many restrictions on the technology. Was not able to get an opportunity for growth or get hired on permanently."

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Clueless management, no career advancement opportunities, lack of vision and most importantly no opportunity to make a difference. This is a team of paper pushers ! If you want to retire in peace, this is your place ! If you want to feel no sense of empowerment, this is your place !"

Senior Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"was fun to try it, hope they will say same about me Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, California,"

Financial Business Analyst - Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Organization was not a cohesive one. Those that had been didn’t want to share information for cross training especially for contractors. They would hold onto everything they knew as if they were scared you were going to take their jobs."

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"awful culture, awful people, high stress environment, they refuse to pay you overtime for hours worked and you're expected to be perfect with little/no training. NO learning curve whatsoever."

Signal Integrity Consultant (Former Employee) says

"My experience with Cisco was my first as a contractor and my manager was abusive at first. My first day was cleaning out the cubicle I was assigned from the person that they just laid off. The manager pitted workers against each other and there was no opportunity to become permanent."

Campaign specialist Emerging Markets (Former Employee) says

"I’ve been working for Cisco nearly 3 years as a contractor/vendor. There is massive difference between being permanent employee (green badge) and contractor one. Being contractor, you are just being a slave. Great company and very robust business process but very toxic people. Very international team which makes your job very interesting but it doesn’t compensate you very low salary. No growth opportunity unless you leave and come back. No learning and development plan. Managers looking just after themselves, no proper direct report management. No job security, high turnover.great brand, global recognition - good for your CVlong hours, low salary, no bonus schema, high annual turn over / lays off, bad management."

Cosmetic Inspector (Current Employee) says

"Too many hours not enough pay, The supervisors there are only looking out for their own best interest and are willing to fire any employee just to make an example to the rest of the staff."

Product Marketing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Cisco was full of political corporate climbers and backstabbers. Couldn't hack the soul-less culture, so I left after 4 months. I did like how they hired a lot of young interns and trained them for real jobs, with appropriate skills needed to advance. That was the only thing i could recommend.Great paypolitical"

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